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Veronica-Sharon McNallie (Nee, Ferva) is the wife of Peter McNallie and mother to Spencer McNallie and Meredith McNallie, she has two grand children named Tyler and Ella Thompson. and incounted a son in law: Iain Thompson.


Veronica had met her husband, Peter while in Priestlands school back when she was a teenager. She had studied to become a lawyer at Law School University of Portsmouth, she had succeeded a year of graduating and became apart of the crime legal lawyer of Hampshire at just nineteen.

At the age of twenty-two her and Peter had married in Park City, Utah in America. She then fell pregnant with her first born, Meredith. Mrs McNallie, Peter's mother called Jules McNallie had been dissapointed in the new wedded couple as they both had not had thier own house to start thier family, at the time they both were living at Veronica's mother's home, Elizabeth Ferva. Jules had forced them both to buy a house in which Peter had done with many wokring hours on the mayor's side and was ready to buy there own place, to call home.

After three years of hard work and exhustion from Meredith when a baby, The McNallie's were expecting another baby, a baby girl who was later named as 'Spencer.' chosen by Peter. With a perfect birth like Meredith, conseving was never an issue to Veronica but while delivery Spencer in hospital she had some trouble with Spencer's health as she was not breathing.

Veronica is often uptight and obsessed with keeping up appearances. She will often correct her children if they do something socially inappropriate (such as Spencer eating mussels with her hands) She tends to favour Meredith more as family than Spencer. Her attitude towards family and other fellow members of the town relates to her up bringing, Veronica is the eldest out of three girls; Lydia Burton & Genevie Dubway. Her and her sisters had a bond where they would only communicate if it was over exam resaults or brag about how high there grade is. Veronica had a close relashionship with her mother and grandmother, Mrs Vera had been Veronica's idol, and she looked up to her as her future apperance and so she achieved, Veronica and her mother look exsactly the same and sound the same, Meredith is going that way.

When Allison disappeared in September, she had told Spencer to let her feelings out to her as if she was a friend. When the five girls were together, the mothers (apart from Hanna's) had been very close and with the Gilberts travel, Mrs Brinsdon was only about, the pair had kepy friends since.


Veronica has brown ash straight hair that curves around her face to her bottom cheeck. She has green eyes 'like a cat' (Hanna describes them) with a shape of deep set like her daughter's had inherited. Her figure is a slim fit, with rounded cupped boobs that fit perfectly on her top path. Her nose is very small and hooked on the end like Spencer's and her mouth is very identical to her mother's; the bottom lip is much bigger than her top and when smiling curves away underneath the bottom.


Veronica McNallie


Mrs McNallie is a very active woman of her age, she is said to be in her late 40's and does a variaty of sporting and hobbies. Veronica use to do horse riding when younger and had dragged her daughters along to join her in competitons. Mr and Mrs McNallie play tennis against other coupled friends on Sunday's which is another active activity.