Toby Whitlock is a major supporting character in the novels: Liar Liar by Amelia Perrett. He is the older step-brother to Jenna Miller and the boyfriend to Spencer McNallie.


Toby had lived with his mother and father in Lymington town till the dealth of Mrs Whitlock to cancer. Four years down the line with a lot of stuggeling 'from moving flat's to flats' He described it to Spencer when they met, Mr Whitlock had finally met Mrs Miller, who's own mother is in fact Jenna Miller. Jenna forced Toby into having a sexual relationship with her, saying that she would tell her mother and his father that Toby had been forcing himself on her. They were caught on camera by 'We See All Around' in which is then revealed to the liars.

Allison and Toby had been close friends and both shared the same intrest 'Hating Jenna' The reason to Allison's hatred is that Jenna had stolen all her popularity and they both agreed to wanting her gone. Toby liked making firworks and other acid products which led Allison to wanting to try and scare Jenna, one night she was in her Art room and Allison let out a firework in the room which led to her being blind. Alison blackmailed Toby into taking the blame for Jenna's "accident" to protect her own skin.

He did attend Priestlands School till the 'Jenna Thing.' Toby was moved to a school were the would name you as 'different' to other students; it was called 'Aran Hall School' When being with Spencer he noticed a picture of Allison hung in the school allway of her on the register board.

Toby had returned to Lymington the night Allison's body was found, in how they liars thought was suspicious. He had been friends with Allison, and understood why she only ever wanted to meet in secret, because she didnt want anyone knowing that they were even friends let alone close buddies. He started to get friendly with Taruni after helping her get her ex-boyfriend Ben off her when she refused to get serious, and even begins a long-term relationship with Spencer.


He has a rectangle shaped face and almond green eyes. His chin is round and has stubby bearded hair around his ears. His hair is jelled to the sky and black.