Timothy Purgavie is the father to Hanna Purgavie, Son to Mema Purgavie and ex-husband to Katherine George.


Timothy also know as 'Tim' is a down to earth guy, he is a very likeable person by many people of Lymington town and is a loving father and son. Tim works as a 'Quality Insurance Manager for Honda' and is very succseful in what he does. He lives with his daughter Hanna and mother Mema, who helps out when he is away on work force. Timothy usually works away 2 weeks every three months. Being the only male in the house tends to show on Timothy, he is very quite at the dinner table and tends to just stare at things. His relationship with his daughter is very strong and taleneted. He calls Hanna 'princess' as indicated to the auidence that he thinks of her to him as his little girl, even though she is sixteen. Timothy is describe to either have a computer on his lap, a phone by his ear and a pen inbetween his fingers.

Being a father is never easy, and it shows throughout the novels wih Tim. When Hanna was born his then wife Katherine had packed her bags and left him a good-bye note by the telephone and two days later a divorce letter through the post. He struggles to live his life with work and family as he feels asthough he never has time for his daughter, Hanna. He looks out for his daughter and cares very much for her by buying her clothes and shoes of what she wants and being the parents she needs.

Love life is not a click of the fingers with Tim, after his wife ran away he had been single for over five years. He dated a woman called Torry who Allison and Hanna disagreed with, they both had worked so hard to make sure that Mr Purgavie didnt go any further with her. They both planted a secret sim onto one of there phones and started messaging her phone to make it look asthough she was cheating o him. They split and torry was neevr mentioned again. Timothy had dated a young woman named Jackie, Timothy really likes her but Hanna can see right through her as only using him for money. Timothy does express his love for her but is never shown to why they broke up, he just says to Hanna. 'Things were not going as we planned it would together, so its best that we were apart.'