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Sazzie Sommers is the sister to Miranda Gilbert and Aunt to Jeremey Gilbert. She happens to be the adopted Aunt to Esmeralda and sister-in-law to Grayson Gilbert.


Sazzie is a main character in the novels: Liar Liar. She is the sister to Miranda and aunt to Jeremey. She also learns to understand that she is the adopted Aunt to Esmeralda. In the novels 4 she becomes the legal gaudian to her newphew and adopted niece as her sister aand husband move away on work force.

She use to be a 'college freak who would party every night with her friends' as her older sister described. Sazzie studied at Wyvem collge doing Buissness. Esmeralda described her adopted aunt to others as 'Fun, loveable and outgoing.'

Dating was never Sazzie's fortay, her sister use to tell how she would bring home any guy naming him her boyfriend but by the next day find some excuse to end the relashionship. She use to date Logan Fell who was some relation to Garret Ronalds.

When discovering the adoption of Esmeralda, like her other family, Sazzie had no idea. Miranda had announced Esmeralda when she was born. No one from the family new about the birth until she was brought into the world.


Sazzie Sommers is a caring and naive woman. She was always there for her family. She was fun loving, good spirited. She had terrible luck with men.

Sazzie was known for speaking her mind and having a fierce temper which she demonstrated when finding out about her nieces adoption to her elder sister and her husband. She was also remarkably strong-willed and capable of adapting very quickly to any given situation.


Her apperance is a beautiful young woman with a pale complexion, pale blue eyes and medium length brown hair. Her height is 5' 6", and she has a slim, slightly athletic physique.


Sazzie & Esmeralda:

The relashionship between them to is adopted Aunt and niece. Sazzie took on Esme and her younger brother when her sister and her parenter had moved away from lymington to another work force country. Sazzie tended to gain alot of troubled problems with looking after her as she was still a teenage herself. She had a friendship with Elena whilst she had to be the scolding parent to Jeremy. Esmeralda could tell her aunt anything, she was not afraid to expose anything to her which included Stefan Kingsley. Even though she was not too happy with the passionate love happening between them two behind her back she did support her nice with telling her older sister and Esmeralda's adopted mother, Miranda. Elena also supported Jenna when she broke up with Logan. enna begins to worry when Elena doesn't come home and yells at her. However, Elena asks Jenna if she's adopted and gets mad at her for not telling her. Jenna helps her search for her birth mother, Isobel, and tells her all that she knew nothing about her.

Sazzie & Jeremey:

The relationship between them to is as an Aunt and newphew, biological. Sazzie never quite understood Jeremy as he was very different to her own personality. He tended to be very quite while Sazzie was very loud and out going. Sazzie cares very much for Jeremy but finds it very hard to get on with him.

Sazzie & Miranda:

The relationship between them to is sisters. Miranda is Sazzie's older sister. They both share the same love for eachother. When they were younger they shared a close bond.