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Peter McNallie is the husband of Veronica McNallie and Father of Meredith McNallie and Spencer McNallie and Father in law to Iain Thompson and Grandad to Tyler and Ella Thompson.


Peter is a high ranking Mayor of Lymington, he had been in line for the town for over three years, but joined a career in 'Head of major organisation.' in which he studied at university of kentucky.

While educating in Priestlands School at the age of sixteen, he had met Veronica who he fell in love with and wished to marry, he had lived with Mrs Ferva for a couple of months until they fell pregnant together with Meredith and formed to buy thier own home. When thier second daughter had arrived 'Spencer' Peter had grown very fond of her and was very protective of her from Meredith as he could relate them to him and his older brother, Richard who always had the fame from a young age.

The McNallie's appear to be an 'old money' family, as the vast majority of his relatives also boast great wealth and his ancestors had regularly mingled with famous figures such as Hemingway.

Peter had an intrest in the town's enlightment for a number of years, he was deeply disgusted on how the towns standers were dropping as the counsle's head manager had moved on from the town to another. This was how is three years running as mayor began, He had been suggested to by his wife and improved the working rates of the town aswell as its apperance. Competiton is something that Peter finds, amusing. He had been brought up with conflict and knew how to maintmain the rythem. Riverly was spotted at the pannel of being rewarded the Mayor medals in novels 6, he had been challenged by, Clark Banks and succssefully won over more votes than him.

It's said that they as a family dine every evening, well mostly every evening at expensive resturant's and hold social gatherings at their home. He and his wife often push their daughters to do well and often make it appear as though there best efforts are not good enough. He even encourages the family to play a game called 'High Low' on a frequent basis. The activity is meant to simply highlight each person's biggest accomplishment of the day, but it is a source of zealous competition among the McNallie's.


He has a brown, dark chocolate coloured hair that is combed one side higher than the other. He also has brown eyes and a stubby, large mouth in which Meredith and Spencer have enherited. He has an athletic figure due to the amounts of sport he does after work: Tennis which his wife joins and golf with work friends.