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Pamela Brinsdon is the wife to David Brinsdon and mother to Mike, Brokee, Taruni and Aderlaide Brinsdon.


Mrs Brinsdon is described by others as the typical bitchy judgmental woman/ mother. Her family are stabel but not weathy, especially as she is a stay-at-home mother to her four children, while her husband is away on patrol in Afganistain. She is seen to be a loving mother, who cares very much for her children and what they wish to do in thier future life. Pamela tends to be cooking in the kitchen making new recipies with her 'Mary Berrys Absolute Favourite Recipies' cooking book. She has an abnormal obsession with chickens, knitting and gnomes.

While the disapperance had been at large about Allison in Lymington, Taruni her second youngest child had told her that the four of the girls had decided it was best to move on and not be together as a friendhsip anymore because it was too hard without Allison. it was hard for Pam to hear this as she had been close friends to all the girls mothers (apart from Hanna's) and with the Gilberts leave it had only left Veronica, who she had still had contact with during the two years. They both spent time together at 'Burley Villa School of Riding' with Pamela's obsession with horses aswell, when she was little she had adopted a horse called 'Orea'

Pamela's maiden name is Wilson, she had been brought up into a close family with an older brother named Allen Wilson. Her mother claire is said in the novels to visit the family every saturday for two weeks. They use to go to town together and cook together.

When recieving a picture of her daughter Taruni kissing the new neighbour across the road to them, she was furious, confused and angry. As a mother its a shock to see your daughter kissing the same sex. David, her husband had returned home from force and came home to a worried wife, she confronts him about the picture and says 'I'm too embarressed to tell her.' She then learns to understand her daughter's sexuality and attends counsiling to overcome her fear and anger.


Pamela has dark skin and short cut hair, with the colour black aswell as her eyes. She tends to dress with checkered tops and jeans. Her figure is very slender and physically good.


Pam has