Miss Lymington Pagant is a beauty contest held annually in Lymington. Most parents enter thier daughter's into this event but need to know the stratergies, there is three steps to get to the last one of all. There is a interview section, where Carol Lockward would choose who would be right to win the pagant. Then there is a tea section where all the daughters would eat and have tea together but last but not least then happens to dance, where Carol would choose 7 componsents and will dance thier feet off to win the crown.

Novels 3 Edit

The event begins in novel's three, the candidant's are: Jenna Miller, Spencer McNallie, Esmeralda Gilbert, Hanna Purgavie, Taruni Brinsdon, Tina Fell, Amber Jones (who stepped in as Allison couldn't join...)

Each girl was escorted by someone of the town:

  • Jenna was escorted by Jeffery Lockword Hamilton.
  • Spencer was escorted by Toby Whitlock
  • Esmeralda was escorted by Stefan Kingsley (origanlly with Loui Brown)
  • Hanna was escorted by Elliot Osborn
  • Taruni was escorted by Damon Law
  • Tina was escorted by George Wash
  • Amber was escorted by Callum Spice.


  • Taruni Brinsdon's dress
  • Spencer's dress
  • Amber's dress
  • Hanna's dress
  • Esmeralda's dress
  • Jenna's dress
  • Tina's dress