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Miranda Gilbert (nee Sommers) is the mother to Jeremey Gilbert, Husband to Grayson Gilbert and sister to Sazzie Sommers. She is also the adopted mother to Esmeralda Gilbert.


Miranda was born to a family who loved the fun. Miranda is a very out going character who is very bubbly, like her sister. She attended Priestlands high back when she was sixteen to whom she found her husband, Grayson the couple had married a few days after graduating school. She was best friends to Kelly Clayton~Smith during her time in school and had made her daughter and her son become best friends like they were. Miranda had always wanted a family, children everywhere. Miranda had found out with months of trying she couldn't have children but with the luck of her husbands brother, Alaric his pregnant girlfriend had given birth to a healthy baby girl she adopted her and named her Esmeralda. The four had decided it was best if she knew the truth when reaching a more matture age but with the years coming quick Miranda had begged not to say anything as she wanted Esmeralda to be hers and wanted her to know that she will always be her daughter.

Miranda use to work as an art teacher until the birth of her youngest as she wanted to be a stay at home mum, with her husband traveling the way he doe she thought it was best if the whole family go too. Miranda had taken Jeremy and Esmeralda to Arizona where the family had been tight as your left fingert to the thumb, the connections were strong but while moving back and with her daughter best friends body found the family crumbeled. She cares dearly for her kids and respects their privacy.

In novels 4 she is confronted by Esmeralda and Stefan Kingsley thier love. She is disgusted to the fact how they were having a sexual relationship under her nose and how she didnt noticed anything of the sort. Esmeralda had argued with Miranda more than ever of Stefan and had said she 'hated her'

Miranda is a forgiving character and tends to give luck to bad clovers.


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