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Mike Brinsdon is the eldest and only son to David Brinsdon and Pam Brinsdon. He is the brother to Taruni Brinsdon, Brokee Brinsdon and Aderlaide Brinsdon.

Mike is not mentioned alot at the start of the books but is mentioned throughout the novels 2 & 3. He is a high star athlete at Bath University in Swimming. One time, the whole family come down to watch him swim at a final event of the uni and gets selected to become a candidate to Great Britian. Mike is described to look alot like his father by his nose and cheecks. Brokee calls him the 'Golden Boy.' As much as a kind hearted man he is to his family, he doesnt get on well with his younger sister, Brokee. The pair are only a year apart and are constantly fightening. 'Pride and Joy.' he is to his mother with all the succsess he gathers while at university. Mike is a mummy's boy and often rings her every night to say 'hello.' He protects Aderlaide and Taruni and loves them very much aswell as Brokee, he always misses them and tells them how much they mean to him.