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Meredith Geraldean McNallie (formerlly Thompson) is the older sister of Spencer McNallie, wife of Iain Thompson and mother of Tyler and Ella Thompson. And daughter to Peter and Veronica McNallie


In the novles, Meredith confronts Spencer Via video tape on what happened the night Allison was killed. She explained what she saw, how Spencer had been walking back from thier back garden with a gardening shovel in her hands. She said blood was dripping off the metal part of the tool, Meredith thought of the worst. lying in her back garden was Allison, she describes how she felt no pulse in her body and had no idea what to do. Iain had been the person who also thought that Spencer killed Allison and they both had buried her in the park where her body was later found.

Being an older sister had a rule of needing to beat the younger sibling and with everything given to Meredith on the plate, winning came easy to her. She just got accepted to the Wharton School of Business where she studied and graudated in the second novels, after finishing University she starts her own buissness up in London with her Father & Mother's help, of course. Meredith has the personality of beight, over achieving and danger. Meredith tends to keep many secrets hidden from others and is very good at hiding things when it needs to be hidden. The Liars called Meredith 'The Venomous Super-Bitch.'

Meredith had married to Iain Thompson in novels three and had two children called Tyler and Ella in novels 4 & 5


Meredith is described to look identical to Mrs Veronica McNallie. She has ash brown hair and green eyes like her mother and a slender frame before and after her children were born. She is smaller than Meredith by only a few intchs and has hamburgar lips aswell.


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