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Katherine Rosa George (nee Purgavie/Pierce) is the mother to Hanna Purgavie, Ex-wife to Timothy and the daughter in law to Grandma Mema.


Katherine, also know as Kate to Timothy is the mother to Hanna and Evie George. She was never shown in presense in Lymington at the start of the novels as she had a background story of leaving her husband and daughter at the age of three, for a man with money and alot of dimonds, called Mark George. She felt it was best if her daughter gew up knowing that her mother was no longer well and fit to look after her anymore which was why she left. Hanna says to Bonnie and Elliot how sh did call regually, but it was only for twenty minutes max (if she was lucky'

She was ninteen when she was married to Timothy (while he was 24) and fell pregnant with Hanna aged 21, she was never ready to have a baby but Mr Purgavie wanted to settle down and start a family together. Katherine never liked to express her feelings, it was something that her daughter, Hanna had inherrited. The marriage never faded, Kate did love Timothy and would of loved to of been that wife he always dreamed off but with his work force he was always away to different countries and was never around. Katherine had the personality of 'needing attension' In the novels it is described to Hanna that her mother had an affair up to three weeks after Mr Purgavie and her marriage ended. The affair was with Mark George.

Grandma Mema had been a close friend to Katherine and they bonded very fundly together with the same taste of television soaps and gossip. It was another caught of the eye of the family, Katherine never had the best up bringing when she was a younger daughter, she was put into care at the age of nine as she witnessed her mother dealing drugs and other sorts of nasty buissness behind her bedroom door, social workers had been called and she was taken away from her mother, Mapel Pierce. Grandma Mema was a mother figure for katherine which is why she was so fund of her company. This is also the result of why she may of left Hanna when she was really little.

Relationship's were never an easy concept for Kate, men loved her that was for sure but she never really setteled down with them. Being young and in care ment she had nothing she wanted, she had never had any nice clothes from designer shops or any jewlerry which is why she is very attracted to rich men, so she can grab whatever she wants from the expensive shops. it's said that whenever Katherine had returned to 'see' Hanna when she was younger was actually the excuse of 'breaking up with Mark' over money. Hanna remembers one memory of her mother when she came to vist one time at the Purgavie home, how Katherine had been completley drunk when she was suppose to be looking after her once and was pasted out on the sofa, with that it resulted in Hanna burning herself on the kettle when she was seven. 'A useless mother' Hanna describes her.

Even though Kate was never around, she always remebered her daughters birthday, she would always send a card and cupcake to blow out. On one of her daughter's birthday's (16th) she came to visit her in Lymington. At first she is slammed the door in her face but with help from Grandma Mema, Hanna had agreed to let her in the house. They spoke and bonded for a couple of months while she stayed thier. But thier relatioship well after Kate spilled the beans about her marraige to Mark in a couple of months and asked Hanna to be her bridesmaid. It took alot of convincing but Hanna finally said 'yes' to coming to where she lived 'Perth, Austrailer.' everything went wonderful, until she announced her baby arrival. She knew Hanna would not be happy about it as she was a useless mother to her, but she explains how she is much happier and would not disspoint this baby.

The relashionship between her and her daughter is not bright but there is a light waiting to being turned on.


Katherine was born as Katherine Marianna Pierce. Her father had been a one night stand with her mother Mabel who was a drug dealer and prositute. Katherine was an only child and was brought up by herself, while her mother was out she would cook dinner and educate herself. She was put into care at the age of nine and was a vert naught child. She ran away from child care supports are started squading until she found Timothy at a nightclub when she was seventeen, he was 22 but still was a child. He helped her be a better person and fell in love with marriage together at the age of ninteen, they were married for a couple of years and had a baby together, Hanna but ended as she had an affair with someone else.



Katherine has long red, straight hair with honey eyes that sit perfectly between her stuby nose. She has pale skin and wears bright red lipstick and eyeliner.