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Jeremy Cole Gilbert is the boyfriend to Hanna Purgavie and the adopted brother/Biological cousin to Esmeralda Gilbert. His parents are Grayson Gilbert and Miranda Gilbert, he is the newphew to Alaric Gilbert and Jenna Sommers


Jeremy was that 'dweeby kid' as Allison use to name him, he was either always in his bedroom with a locked door or out with the jocks of Lymington Town. He was never good at coping with things very well, when he aged thirteen he had signed to drugs with the 'brotherhood brothers' who included Noel Cummings. As he was an 'easy push around' Noel calls him he was given tasks to sell and provide the drugs to the 'team.' Jeremy was caught in the action by his adopted sister and biological cousin Esmeralda and Allison. Allison had tourmented him for it and would threaten him for it which indicated to his sister and the friends that he killed Allison, in matter of fact he didnt. After the disappearnce of Allison Rodrigues the whole Gilbert family had moved to Arizona, while he thought it was going to be a vacasion away he had been going cold turkey, Esmeralda had invited him to a drug counsil to be off the addiction, before leaving he had sworn to Esmeralda how he was off the drugs and was going to start a new chapter in his life, with a gullaple sister like he has he was able to go straight back to the drugs with his 'brotherhood' friends.

Vicki Conor was his first girlfriend returning to Lymington. He had a crush on her for many years and liked the way she dealed with drugs, she liked getting high and so did he so those two were perfect for eachother, for only a while. Thier relationship had been strained and complicated until Vicki's death. During the summer, they maintained a sexual relationship, but Vicki remembered it as a mistake. Jeremy continued to pine over her even when she started re-dating. There was a back to school party hosted by his very best friend, Noel. He had helped Jer get his first girlfriend to the bed, but that didnt go to plan. Jeremy saw Tyler and Vicki go into the woods. They started making out, but he tried forcing himself on her. Jeremy, who had followed them, told Tyler to leave her alone. Tyler, when departing, said that Vicki's refusal was a first. Vicki told Jeremy that she didn't need his help, and that Tyler was drunk. She left and walked further into the woods and was attacked, Finding her was a brutal way for a lover he had tripped over her body in the woods.

In the novels 5, Esmeralda finally tells Jeremy about her adoption. She was frightened about how he would neglect her as she was no longer apart of the family by blood but as heart warming as he is he tells her 'You will always be my sister.' He suggests how he will help her find who her biological parents are but is suprsed how his girlfriend, Hanna had known all these years.

He later on began a relationship with his ssters formal best friend, Hanna Purgavie. Jeremy had liked her from the first sight of seeing when she use to come over for sleepovers but never had the gut to ask out. They first shared thier kiss when he comforted her after her break up with Elliot Osborn. She liked him enough to start a sexual relationship, but they had thier first break up in novels 5 when he found out about her knowing the adoption of Esmeralda.

Protective was a understatment in his own personality, he grows to shield Hanna and Esmeralda as they take matters into thier own hands about the whole murder case of Allison. He seems to spy on them alot when they are out together as he wants to be more involed in with the investigation. In novels 6, his parents Grayson and Miranda ask him to move with them to calgery in Canada as his father had been offered a job, while Esmeralda stays he moves away for a while without the love of Hanna and comes back in novels 8.