Jenna Miller is one of the character's of the novels: Liar Liar by Amelia Perrett. She is the younger step-sister to Toby and was Allison worst enemy. Jenna was blinded by Allison who had helped Toby try to 'get rid of Jenna' in a prank to whome they set fire to her art room at the Whitlock's home, before Allison's disapperance. This is known as 'The Jenna Thing.'


Jenna had moved to Lymington with her mother after she married Toby's father. She quickly became popular during her schooling years at Priestlands High. Allison had grown very jelouse of the fact that most men wanted Jenna to jump on thier bones than her. To other Jenna seemed a very sweet charactered personality but in fact she had an manilpitaive side to her. She had forced her step-brother to sleep with her, they were caught on camera by the 'We See All Around.' club which involved Jason, Detective Lomax, Iain and Garret who she later dated in the novels. Toby had been scared of Jenna since thier first intimate and ran to Allison about his problems. He had asked her to get rid of Jenna and with that acception, Allison had wanted Jenna scared of her for getting better looks than her she set of a firework through one of her art rooms at the Whitlock home and blinded her. Toby had took the blame with the threat of Allison.

Being blind held a hatred for Toby from Jenna, and asked her mother and step-father who she called 'Pops' to send Toby away from her. Allison had visited Jenna in hospital and showed her the video of them (toby and Jenna making out in her bedroom one night. Allison had threatened Jenna for ever exposing her popularity she would kill her.

Jenna had her first open surgery on her eyes and was fully able to see throughout the novels. However, the doctors had granted her only being able to see for 9 months before needing level 2 open eye surgery. She started the date Priestlands one and only jock, Noel Cummings to gain her populairy back before Allison.

Jenna had dated Garret Ronalds whom they shared a secret about the night Allison died. Jenna had hated Allison for what she said to her the night of her blindness and wanted to kill her for the way she acted in front of her. One night Jenna had grabbed a stick and smacked Allison on the head which was later said to be the murder weapon of her investigation, she befriended Garret and shortly formed a sexual relationship to make sure he would steal any evidence that could send her to prison but then did a runner after filing the papers.

Jenna is on Allison's murder list, she has been attempted to be killed three times by this mass murder. In the novels she was nearly burned in a fire and then shoved in a car to be automatically run on the road going 60mph. She was then suffocated at the hospital after one of her eye operations.

The Liars use to call Jenna: Snow white by her white, pale skin colour and White hair that flowed to her ribs that were straight.