Jason Rodrigues (nee Henderson) is the older brother to Allison Rodrigues the Son to Kenneth Rodrigues and Mia Rodrigues. He is another supporting character in the novels: Liar Liar by Amelia Perrett.


Jason was in the same year with Meredith McNallie, Iain Thompson, Garret Ronalds and Darrien Lomax. He had a crush on Meredith while in Priestlands but never had made a move to make anything serious as he understood she had an eye for Iain, who later on becomes married to her.

While being in school Jason had not been one of those typical boys who were named eye catching to the opposite sex, but he was described as 'adorabley irrestitable' during Allison's year. Esmeralda had a crush on Jason, and had no worry about showing how much she wanted him. Jason use to name her as 'the clingy one' of 'Allison's clique' but later on became close friends to Esmeralda after the disapearence of his sister.

The night of September, when Allison had disapperaed Jason had blamed himself for her vanish of Lymington town. He admitted to Esmeralda that he was totally off his head, drunk and on weed with Iain and Garret. The liars had discovered that Jason had lied to the police about his apperance, he had said that he was at 'Cape May' where his Aunt lives but in a matter of the fact, he was all night sat in his garden, passed out. With a friend on the force, he had it all planned out with Detective Lomax. Jason knew had not hurt Allison from what he can remember, nevertheless at counsiling with Dr. Sullivain she places him in a deep sleep of that night and visulises his with a shovel and Allison's red coat that night she wore infront, he swinged the shovel on her head and she fell to the ground. He had thought he killed Allison, but he didn't.

At the age of 7 Jason had lived in London with his family, he had befriended many people there but was never told why they moved to Lymington. He then learnt by Spencer that his biological last name was in deed 'Henderson' the background story of his name had resulted that Allison had pushed off Casey William's, a family friend off a bridge on one school trip to die.

The 'Rodrigues' had moved away when Allison had disapeared from Lymington with there other family members. The days before her body was found, Kenneth and Mia had returned to the town to pick up there things from thier old house but Jason stayed away. He had not go to university, he had helped out with his father with thier family buissness.

Jason had also began his own fun with friends, they had began a club named Nous Voyons autour de, its a club where they would film residents of Lymington, secretly and then broadcast them on a momery stick. In total they had filmed over 100 video's and caught alot of people out in what they do. It was Jason's idea and he happened to be the leader of the team. He had once placed his camera in Allison's room, he had wanted to catch her out smoking or something way exstrem but instead had discovered her secret place where she kept everything that had ever owned.

Ella Drake, a friend of Allison had dated Jason but shortley ended the relashionship before it became anything serious.


He has bright coloured blonde hair, rich like Mia. Blue, crystel eyes like Allison and a body built body.