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Isobel Marie Hemming was the childhood lover to Alaric Gilbert and biological mother to Esmeralda.


Isobel was born on January 18, 1978. She was born and raised in Lymington and spent time there when she was younger. She attended Priestlands School and met Alaric Gilbert as a teenager, they began dating and although Alaric fell in love with her, she did not reciprocate his feelings. Shortly after, Isobel became pregnant by Alaric. She was sixteen at the time and had been disowned by her parents. Alaric brought her to his brother's home for the delivery and he delivered a baby girl. Isobel knew it was for the best if she gave up her daughter, she was very heartbroken. She got to name her daughter and then handed her over to Grayson and Miranda. Isobel would always dream that she would one day be able to meet her daughter and tell her who she was.

Later on from her school years she had attended Duke University, ( and met Trudie Peterson) where she studied folklore and parapsychlogy. She met John Saltzman during this tie and they even got married together. He accepted her choice about having no children.

Her work became her life, she became an expert researcher and started researching many aspects of suprnatural lore such as witches in the late hundreds. Iosbel's devotion to her work led Vanessa to go into folklore full-time.

Running away was a good explotation for isobel, she enjoyed traveling and often just got up and left without a tace, John had reported her missing and in a number of years, Mr and Mrs Hemming had created a head stone to mourn over her, even when noone is there.


She views humans at the most a means to an end to her, as a source of food, entertainment (includiing sexual,) puppets to be robbed of their free will using them as "muscle" against other humans if she wish not to condescend to do it herself. She has no compassion, to Esmeralda. She has a much colder side to herself and a rough feature which she learnt to control while traveling as she needed to look after herself. It is only with her daughter and former husband does she display any affection in any form and it is often fleeting. She shows she never stopped loving her daughter despite leaving her.