Iain Thompson

Iain Warren Thompson is the Husband of Meredith McNallie and father of Tyler Thompson & Ella Thompson. He caoched at Priestlands High and started teaching as an assistant in the sports depatrment until starting his own buissness up with Meredith (his wife.)


Iain was Meredith's first boyfriend at the pilot of the novels and was best friends with Jason Rodrigues, Garret Ronalds and Darrien Lomax, the four of them had started a club where they would film things around Lymington and sell them to users online around the world to see. The clubs name was called Nous Voyons autour de which is translated to say 'We See All Around.' The video's that they filmed later on became a big help for the Liars to find out who Allison's killer is and the threat. Iain had an affair with Spencer behind Meredith's back who later on liked Allison and had a fling with her.

After his first split with Meredith Iain had moved to New york with his parents. He was brought back on the novels to marry Meredith had have two children with her named, Tyler and Ella.