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Mema Purgavie is the mother to Timothy Purgavie and grandmother to Hanna.


Mema had brought Hanna up since the day she was born due to her daughter in-law's staggery dissaperance from the family, She treats Hanna as her own daughter and punishes her rightfully. Hanna and her bond very well, not just because they share the same DNA but the matter of solution to being with eachother 24/7. Mema tries her very best to let Hanna become popular at Priestlands High, to letting her spend spend spend on shoes and clothes. Hanna tends to lend her grandmother tips on when wearing clothes and styled makeup.

Mema works at a gardening centre of the outskirts of Lymington and works very hard for her age to keep a roof over her very own head and Timothy / Hanna.

Mrs Purgavie had been there for Hanna when she saw Allison's body, she hugged her and never left her side that night as she wanted to support her granddaughter at that sad time. Detective Lomax had been on her and Hanna's case since Allison's funeral. He was constantly asking Hanna in for questionoinly which made MeMa suspicious of wanting to pin the murder on her granddaughter.

A lot of drama was never a big shock to Mema, she often knew something was happening when the four girls were recieving texts off someone and that same person framed Mema for Detective Lomax's murder in the novels. She does not deny murdering him but she knows she has nothing to hide. Hanna tries her very best in getting her out and with succsess fell fail, Hanna had gotten herself in jail which overcasted anger on Mema.

Hanna's mother, Katherine played a big part in MeMa's life, not only because she was the wife to her son but the fact how Katherine was a very friendly person to be around. Grandma MeMa is portayed to be very tight and hard in her personality but is discovered to have a scare, a secret in which only Katherine knew which grew thier relationship close. Mema had cancer but survived.