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Garret Ronalds was a friend to Jason, Iain and detective Lomax who were apart of the club N.V.A club. He had been a family friend to the Brinsdon's with both the parents being friends.


Garret had trained to be apart of the police force for his years of educucating, he had his first assignment to Allison Rodrigues's murder case. He had been in love with Jenna Miller and was protecting her from the police for her arrest to whome she thought she may of injured Allison with the stick she hit her with (the murder weapon) He later finds about that she was only using him to clear her name. Garret was charged with Madison's murder but later freed with a aliby by Meredith McNallie who protected him for her husbands wishes. He had told Spencer about the night he saw Allison on her disapperance with Esmeralda's father and uncle and saw them rowing and fighting, as Spencer calls for Esmeralda for him to tell her the truth he vanishes from the McNallie home. Spencer calls him a 'running burn' as she thinks he ran because it was a lie but instead he was murdered by supposibly Allison's killer.