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Esmeralda Naomi Gilbert is one of the main characters of the novels written by Amelia Perrett: Liar Liar.

Biogrpahy Edit

Esmeralda was the artistic character in the clique prior to Allison Rodrigues disapperance with her sporking pink spriped hair and nose pieced, she was the crazy one. Allison and her had discoevered that Esmerald's younger brother, Jeremey Gilbert had been dealing drugs down an allyway in town. Knowing that she wanted to keep it a secret, Allison had used the drug deal to flaire it underneath Esmeralda to keep her in line. Her constant teasing about the indiscretion led her to resent Allison. Shortly after her best friend had been reported missing over the television screens, her parents had wanted both thier children to start a new chapter in life with a brand new begining and asked were they wished to travel. Esmeralda had searched online a drug abuse scratter in Arizona. The family had been living out there for a number of eight months. Mr Gilbert had a job and Jeremey was now drug free with the help if his older sister, but will he be drug free for long? Returing from a life changing place back to Lymington, Esmeralda had met her future boyfriend, Stefan Kingsley in a bar, leading to an on-again off-again relationship throughout the novels. She can be described as a kind and caring friend, always willing to protect them from any threats by the other Liars.

Physical Appearance Edit

Esmeralda has a pale, heart shaped face complimented her with round blue eyes and sweet curved lips. Her hair use to be pictured with pink highlights and a studded nose pierce. She has a petite frame and stands approximately at 5'2 ft, the shortest of her friends. At the begining of the novels, her hair is grown to her hips and is wavy at the ends, with a brown mouché colour.

Young Appearence:

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Family Relatives Edit

Gilbert Tree

Family Relastionships Edit

Miranda Gilbert: Miranda is no ordinary mum. She had a creative side to her which Esmeralda enrolls in her life with art and photography. The pair are very close and tend to gossip with eachother over subjects of; people, boys and school. They both are like best friends. Esmeralda can always turn to Miranda if needing advise for anything and shares a close bond with her. When Esmeralda found out about her adoption she tended to trail of Miranda while they were on holiday. Miranda would constantly call her but Esmeralda would decline the call. Esmeralda felt betrayed on how she thought that Grayson and Miranda could go on living the family life and not tell her that its all a lie. Miranda and her make up over a photography meet gallery and Esmeralda still classes her as her 'mum.'

Grayson Gilbert: Grayson was a family man and a workhaolic. He calls his children 'the pride and joy to the Gilbert name.' When Esmeralda was younger she use to play in the garden with Grayson and Jeremey and play loads of games together like a reality Father Daughter bond. Esmeralda did have a close connection with Grayson as he portayed her as his own and would always look out for her. Same with Miranda, Esmeralda had blocked Grayson out when knowing about her adoption as she blames them both for not telling but does come back to the family as a daughter.

Jeremy Gilbert: This is a much close relationship between sibling and cousin. Jeremy is a year younger than Esmeralda but acts like the older, protective brother any sibling should be. They guide eachother through the right paths and help eachother gain the love and support they need. Thier love and passion is pure, they both would sacrifise anything to stay as one. When Esmeralda told Jeremy about her adoption she thinks of the worse but instead Jeremy helps her find who her biological parents are and reassures her that she will always be that 'annoying, older sister who he loves.'

Sazzie Sommers: Jenna is Esmeralda's adopted aunt and younger sister of Miranda, Jenna is much younger than Miranda and a few years older than Esmeralda. In the novels she is twenty five years old. As a young Aunt she understands the troubles that Esmeralda goes through in school and when looking after her and Jeremey when Grayson and Miranda head on holiday she tries to comfort the siblings as a friend, she is not good with adjusting with a normal family, as she lives on her own. Esmeralda and her tend to gossip with eachother and laugh at the same things.

Isobel Hemming: Isobel is the biological mother to Esmeralda, thier relationship with her mother was a complicated one. Isobel became pregnant with her daughter at the tender age of sixteen and gave her up before leaving her baby's life. Seventeen years later, Esmeralda hunts down Isobel for answers of why she left. Their first encounter was in novels 4, a meeting that did not end well as Elena realized that Isobel was not much of a mother. Isobel leaves Esmeralda in the end to the reason of 'much better without her' speach.

Alaric Gilbert: Esmeralda grew up with the belief that John was her uncle, and eventually discovered his identity as her biological father. She was shown to be one of the few people he genuinely cared for.

Secrets Edit

  • Knew about her brother's drug addiction.
  • The Jenna Thing.
  • Had an affair with her fathers work collegue.
  • Pretended to be 'Anita'
  • Kissed Jason Rodrigues.
  • Pretended to be a candy striper to steal Alison's autopsy report
  • Dating an older guy behind her parent's wishes.
  • When Allison's body was taken, she was present at the time.
  • Killed Shannon (accidently)
  • Pretended to be 'Amy'
  • trashed her brother's room with Allison.
  • Was adopted (exposed)

Relationships Edit

Spencer McNallie:

(team Spesme)

Spense is the relastionship between Spencer McNallie and Esme.

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