Elliot Osbron

Elliot Osborn was Hanna Purgavie's ex-boyfriend from the strart of the novels to the end of novels 2. Hanna had a massive crush on Elliot since year six, to when she was named 'hefty Hanna' and 'the whale', which Allison constantly taunted her with. Elliot was a typical guy at Priestlands School, he played football and was granted captain of the team. He does have a nerdy brain and does enjoy learning but acts dumb to look hot to other girls. With a typical guy like himself the only thing that spiraled him mind was enduring a sexual relationship. He finds out that his then girlfriend had signed herself forward for a Virgnity Club, where they believed that sex was before marriage. He finds out while trying to be romantic to Hanna at a party, he tends to become very nasty to Hanna and calls her horrible name's. He leaves a poor Hanna upset and confused at the party and starts finding other fish in the sea.


The Osborns come from a wealthy source, both Elliot's parents are dentists and own thier very own company in the town of Lymington. He had an older brother named Sean who he tends to visit while he's at University. Elliot hadn't always been an eyecatching male protagilist all his life, he use to be quite fat and spotty but had done a fittness course over the holidays and enrolled to become a much hotter version of Rob Pattison. Like every other guy at Priestlands Elliot had fancied Allison Rodrigues in year seven and would do anything she asked him to. In one flashback, Elliot is said to of been asked by Allison at school in the café to be Hanna's date at Noel Cummings party. He acceptes to please Allison but then realises she only did it for Hanna. He had dated Hanna in the first novels and ended during the end of the second book due to the fact she crashed his car into a tree because he named her a 'dyke' and promise her he would ruin her popularty which made of course a mad Hanna. Even though he is described to be sometimes a dick, he can have a caring heart. Mr and Mrs Osborn had wanted to take Hanna to court for paying off the damages to the car but instead Elliot stepped in and offered for her to be working in the denist as it had been apart of the 1 week work experience program that priestlands were involving. With the break up in place and a heart broken Hanna, Elliot tries to amend things with Hanna and asks her to be her ontarage in the founders day party that was hosted, but with this murder on the Liars every move they broke up due to the fact how Hanna was forced to dance with Lucas Ackard. He began dating Kate Randell. And was neevr mentioned again.


Elliot has been described in the books to look like Rob Pattison, with his blue, grey almond eyes and black jelled up hair. He tends to wear sporting outfits due to always playing football.