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David Lewis Brinsdon is the husband to Pam and Father to: Mike, Brokee, Taruni and Aderlaide Brinsdon.


David is a Military Police Officer in Afganistain and has been wokring for the army for over 4 years. He is out there for 44 weeks and has a three month gap till his next travel. David brings back from his departure many gifts for his children but notices that his eldest daughter, Brokee calls them guilty gifts. He connectes with his children but finds it hard to get close to Brokee as she is very stubbon. David gets an ugrant call home from Pam one evening after he discovers his daughter was involved in a car crash with Toby Chamberlain. After the crash he cares for Taruni and is more around the Brinsdon home than usual. He is mentioned alot throughout the books but sometimes is never apperaed. When Taruni finally mentioned her lesbian role in her lifestyle, David is upset to the fact she had to keep it from him as he is very easy going and says we will love her for who she is not who she loves. David is more accepting than Pam.