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Brokee-June Brinsdon is the eldest daughter to David and Pam Brinsdon. She has two sisters: Taruni and Aderlaide and an older brother, Mike.


Brokee is very demanding and likes everything done her way. 'Pamela the second' as her father say's. She is two years older than Taruni and is eighteen at the start of the novels. Brokee and Taruni have a close relationship as they like to gossip together about slutty girls in Lymington. Like Taruni, Brokee dutifully obeys her parents; unlike her younger sister Aderlaide, she has no problem conforming to the "safe," conservative ideals of the Brinsdon family. Brokee is not good to get on with well and only actually has one friend as mentioned in the novels. She has a boyfriend named Joshua who tends to come over the Brinsdon Home occasianlly. She doesn't get on well with her older brother Mike, such to the define on how 'jeloues' she is of how succsefful his swimming carear is going. Brokee is a volly-ball athlete who trains with her boyfriend on every Monday night. Brokee gets contacted by Volly-ball Spice to join thier team in the summer of novels 3 and moves out to University to become a volly-ball player. She visits down on the weekends to see her family since that book. Pam, her mother and her get on very well as they are described by others as identical. She blieves that her father comes home often with gifts because he's guilty of the way he leaves his family for the war, but does love David so much.