Bonnie vanderwall

Bonnie Grace Vanderwall happens to be one of the main characters in the novels of Liar Liar: created by Amelia Perrett.


Bonnie was never always the pretty one, she use to look like one of those people who came out of a trash can. She was never looked and admired for who she really was. While being at Priestlands school in year seven, Bonnie had noone. Every time whenever she tried to make friends with the most popular girls in school, they would always pick on her or the weight and the way she fixed her goofy glasses.

Deep down inside, Bonnie had never forgotten the mean, disgraceful things how Allison Rodrigues had previously treated her; as an outsider and a dork. She was called 'Loser the bunny' by Allison. Ironically, Bonnie begins behaving like Alison after she resumes Alison's place as a Queen Bee when she dissaperaed in September, followed by her BFF Hanna Purgavie. In trying to act like Allison, she needed to be Allison so she tried her very best to make people feel low about herself, for instance she noticed that the 'IT' girl had use to taunt Lucas Gallagah, by calling him 'Hermie' despite Bonnie actually being friends with him once in her life.

Bonnie is a very self-conscious person. Due to the bullying and rejection she faced when Alison was around, She developed a complex in which she is not happy with her life. Although she does not show this side of her in public, this is why Bonnie felt such a need to remain popular, beautiful, and best friends with Hanna. Bonnie does not like Spencer, Esmeralda or Taruni when returing to Priestlands high after the summer break as she felt asthough now they were all back together that they were going to steal Hanna from her. This was how she played them girls the way she did, she started threataning the girls with text messages and much more. She even ran over Hanna with a car while at her own birthday party.

Hanna and her had became friends when Alison's crowd was disbanded. Bonnie figures that Hanna would not give up the chance to become popular. Hanna was the only person who actually understood Bonnie, which resulted in why she cared to much for Hanna and did the things she did to the other liars.

Being bright is another characteristic of hers, she can talk French, hack computers, and do voice impressions. In the novels it is revlealed on how she was the first person to give those horrible, text messages to the Liars but then she later on becomes a target herself when someone else stole the game from her in Hospital when she was submitted to being vrey deluded in the mind. She considers herself a genius, but also has a personality disorder.


Bonnie lives with her mother and younger sister, her father died in a car crash in which she had been in which according to Dr. Sullivain mentiones is why she is the way she is.



Bonnie has long brown hair which is always styled as well as her clothes with the best sales in town. She has pale brown eyes with hooded eye shapes, a small but curved mouth and is always wearing pink couché lipstick and blak eyeliner.

When younger:

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