The Brinsdon home is set at the address of 40 Samber close, this home invites Mike Brinsdon, Taruni Brinsdon, Brokee Brinsdon, Aderlaide Brinsdon and Mr and Mrs Brinsdon. This home is set throughout the novels.


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This Brinsdon home has a five bedroom layout. At the top each child has thier very own bedroom. A bathroom is shown to be between a grand bedroom and a females bedroom.The downstairs layout shows a kitchen/ Lounge, dining room and ditting area with bookcases, a fire place and a computer suite.

Taruni's Bedroom. Edit

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Taruni's bedroom is very girly, she loves the colour pink as you can tell by her furniture. She has a pink duvet double bed that is set dead in the mddle of the room. She has pink blinds on every window around the room. She has two bed side tables on each grabbing side and a carpet that is bigger enough for the whole room. She has a chest of draws and a mirror.

Brokee's Bedroom. Edit

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Her bedroom is shaped as a hallogan. She has a double bed with pink duvet and a double bed side table on each sided grabbing way. She has a floor mirror on the left side and a whole load of pictures on the other side of the wall. A wardrobe and chest of draws at the front of the bed. creamed blinds flow from the windows.

Mike's & Aderalide Bedroom. Edit

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Both beds are single and a small room, Aderalide has a small room due to being the youngest but Mike has a small room due to being in University alot and only coming back regulary.

Mr & Mrs Brinsdon. Edit

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