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Allison Lauren Rodrigues (formerly Henderson) is the main character in the novels: Liar, Liar by Amelia Perrett.


Allison was the 'IT' girl at Priestlands High, every girl wanted to be her, and every guy wanted to kiss her. She ceated a clique who had involved Esmeralda Gilbert, Spencer McNallie, Taruni Brinsdon and Hanna Purgavie who's prior to her disapearence on September 13th. Out of the girls she is considered pretty, manipulative, secretive, devilish and vindictive. Despite her sometimes malicious behavior toward others, she can make them feel very special, and is known by her close friends to have a sweet and caring side. As a daughter, her parents described her to other fellow members of Lymington town as fiercely independent and recklessly obstinate when challenged, was never the girl hated and feared by many. Allison never had a close relationship with her brother, Jason Rodrigues as they often fought with eachother.

Although many people had achnolwedged that Allison had a perfect life, in fact she had been through a rough time in her childhood. The Rodrigues had lived in London before moving to Lymington, Hampshire. Alison had became friends with a young girl called Casey Willams. The pair would talk the same and dress the same, they wanted to be best friends for life, until a tragic death was dripping from Allison's hands. The pair were aged ten when they had been selected to go on a school trip to explore the beach where the battles of world war's began. Casey and Her had trailled of from the other group and were adventuring on thier own. Casey had slipped off a balcony and plumpted to her death in which Allison could of saved but didnt. She had been her bestfriend aswell as her own puntching bag, Casey was more up for the tight finger than Allison, with fancy rich parents she had everything she wanted. Allison's biological name is Henderson but when moving to Lymington the family had changed thier name to Rodrigues to hide thier identity.

One year later