Alaric Gilbert is Grayson's younger brother and is Esmeralda's biological father/ Adopted Uncle. He is the bioglocial Uncle to Jeremey and brother-in-law to Miranda Gilbert.


Alaric studed at Priestlands School and met Isobel Hemming who he fell deeply in love with while educating at school, they both shared a love romance together. One day, Isobel told him she was pregnant and brought her to Grayson so that she could give birth to a daughter, called Esmeralda. It was in fact Alaric's opinion to give his brother and sister-in-law his baby girl, as he knew they were trying to have a baby but were not succssful. He regually visted his adopted niece and nephew in the summer holidays and when they vanished away to Arizona, he had flown over to see them.

When Grayson and Miranda traveled away for a buissness trip, Alaric visited the Gilbert's home to find himself in a diffucult position when Esmeralda asks him about her birth parents.