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Aderlaide Kate Brinsdon is the youngest memebr of the Brinsdon family. She has two older sisters: Taruni & Brokee and an older brother named Mike.

Aderlaide is aged eleven in the pilot novels and is a very 'loud, confidant character' as Spencer describes her. She attends Priestlands Primery and had joined the football squad. Aderalide finds it hard to cope with the thought of her father going out to wars as she gets scared if knowing he may never come back. Her dream is 'To become a paramedic in the army.' she told Taruni one of her older sisters. Her sisters and her get on well, they are the only girls in the house so somtimes it tends to get nasty and grabby but most of the time it is relaxed. Learning about her sisters sexuality shocks Aderalide. She does not know exsactly what to say and do but only knows to copy her own mothers insticts, Pam.